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Pick your poison! I’m The Rockommender and, with your help, will hook you up with tons of great music... from all over the world!  
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RockTunz?

RockTunz is a music service with a slightly different approach to that taken by the monsters of the industry, iTunes and Amazon.com. To be sure, they've made finding new music a hell of a lot easier, but, in our humble opinion, quantity trumps quality in their world. Their mechanisms are good but, it seems that everything but (or, maybe including) the kitchen sink is available for download.

Their genre tagging also leaves a lot to be desired. And, while many are perfectly OK with that, I know that a chunk of folks get very frustrated as they wade their way through the mind-boggling muck and depth of the mainstream music scene.

So, if you're here to find pop, hip-hop or (gasp!) rap...you're trawling inhospitable waters.

On the other hand, if you're looking for great, yet grossly underexposed rock - then RockTunz stands a good chance of becoming your favorite site for discovering rock of all stripes: Hard Rock, Metal, Progressive Rock, Prog Metal, Folk Rock, Symphonic Rock, Space Rock...and many other killer genres.

If you're not sure about the characteristics of each genre...then please click the Genres link at the bottom of our Home Page.

Another important difference between RockTunz and the other aforementioned mega-sites is that we're featuring - and concentrating on - music from small, independent labels...not the majors that cultivate radio hits and have the budgets to infiltrate every nook and cranny of the Web.

We're just a tiny, "Ma & Pa" operation...conceived and built by a couple of fans who love intelligent, often emotional and expertly-played music.

And...this is music made by Artists who genuinely love their craft and are unwilling to be confined by the typical 4-minute love song format. They create music of many "colors" and "flavors" and are not bound by the rules of radio or the quest for a #1 hit.

Some of it is purely instrumental; sometimes intense, sometimes gentle and soothing...or a brilliant combination of both. Other tunz contain lyrics that tell stories or help us learn life lessons. Some are short...while others will take you on an incredible musical excursion. Regardless of your taste, you're bound to find much to enjoy! 

So, if this is your cup 'o tea...I invite you take a sip or three. With this tasty brew, you can:

  • Watch tons of videos provided by our Artists and Bands! And, if you really enjoy the Center Stage video, you can click on a link that will take you directly to that Artist's page.
  • Listen to our freakishly-long 90-second samples (that's triple the time offered by iTunes and Amazon!) of the thousands of tracks we offer. Click to Preview All of an album's tunz and it'll feel like you're streaming!
  • Listen to personalized suggestions tailored to your musical tastes by using me, your unique search engine dude, The Rockommender (that's my stunning visage pictured on our Home Page).
  • Buy the high-quality MP3s to enjoy on your computer, your iPod® or other portable MP3 players!
  • Save the tunz you want to enjoy or check out again later in MyTunz. Soon, you'll be able to customize the order in which you want to listen to them and/or share the list with your friends! The possibilities boggle the mind.
  • And, of course....much more!!

Who – or what – is The Rockommender and, how can he help me find new tunz?

  • Remember those cool record stores of yesteryear? Well, I'm the guy behind the counter who rang up those great new tunz you can't wait to hear. I was also there to guide you to the new favorites you've been craving. The main differences are that now, my lips don't move (not yet, anyway) and I use pull-down menus instead of my fingers to point you in the right direction. OK, so, I look more like a Search Engine than a dude but, with time and a little technology...that, too, could change.
  • The Rockommender uses pull-down and type-in menus to work his magic. My main tools are the If You Like This Artist, the Search by Genre and Search by Country pull-downs.
  1. Say you like Rush...or Metallica...or Genesis...or (well, you get the picture)...Click on the If You Like This Artist pull-down...find your band and, voila! He'll give you his Rockommendations which you can follow and check out.
  2. Similarly, with Search By Genre...pull it down, pick your poison (like Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal, etc.) and he'll give you new bands to check out.
  3. Or, if you want to be adventurous and musically visit other lands, then Search by Country.
  • One tiny caveat: When you use the If You Like This Artist menu, I'm not going to suggest bands that sound exactly like the band you clicked on. I mean...why bother? Who needs a clone of the original (tribute bands, aside)? Instead, my Rockommendations will share some of the elements that make your fave so great...but with other twists and turns. Just my li'l way of helping to push the envelope. Wink

How does The Rockommender "tag" the music to help you in your searches on RockTunz?

In addition to careful listening...honed by over 40 years of rabid enjoyment...The Rockommender scours the plethora of reviews that have been posted on RockTunz...and beyond.

We all (The Rockommender included!) read reviews because we like - and benefit from - the opinions of those who have taken their time to educate us about all the music out there. Some we agree with...and some we don't.

That's what makes music so special. Like art, literature, movies, theater, concerts and food...beauty is in the eyes, ears and taste buds of the beholder. It's all so very subjective, isn't it? 

And...that's what you'll find when you use The Rockommender. Some Rockommendations you'll take to heart...while others might will leave you scratching your head and wondering what the dude is smokin'. 

The Rockommender's main job is to direct you to music - through use of the various underlying reference tags - you might otherwise never have discovered. Some you'll like (and, maybe even buy)...some you won't.

So...love him, hate him...or find yourself somewhere in between....we hope you'll find The Rockommender to be a valuable tool in your never-ending search for great new music! Smile

Are your audio samples REALLY 90 seconds long?

They sure are! 

The only time they're not is when the song itself is shorter than 90 seconds...then you get to hear the whole thing.

And...in this case...longer is better, isn't it?? Smile

Can I listen to – and download - RockTunz music with my Mac or on Linux?

You bet! Only PC snobs would deny you the pleasure! On your Mac, you can play - and download - music with your Safari browser. On Linux, just use your Firefox browser to do the deeds. 

How do we price out our tunz?

RockTunz bases its prices on the tunz' duration...and as follows:

  • 0:00 -  9:00   $0.99
  • 9:01 - 13:59 $1.98
  • 14:00 - 19:59 $2.48
  • 20:00 - 25:59 $2.98
  • 26:00 - 33:59 $3.49
  • 34:00 - 39:59 $3.99
  • 40:00+ Market pricing Wink

Can I purchase tracks with RockTunz?

Abso-freakin'-lutely!! Any album track...or any of our Underground Trax! I mean...how cruel would we be if we just dangled our ultra-long samples in front of your ears without letting you buy the real deals?!? This isn't Gitmo, ya know! And, to show you how big our hearts really are, you can purchase CDs and - in the not-too-distant future - DVDs, too!

Do I need any special software to listen to or download tunz?

Nope! Just click and enjoy! We'll provide the necessary doo-hickeys.

Can I transfer and listen to tracks on my iPod® or other MP3 player?

Yup! You can load and reload a variety of MP3 players with anything you download from RockTunz...even your iPod®! And...the process of putting tunz on your iPod® is a snap! Go to FAQ #7 to see how.

How do I transfer MP3s to my iPod®?

1) Adding individual MP3s:
  a) Open up iTunes (I know...duh!)
b) Click on File > Add File to Library
c) Navigate to the folder that contains the desired MP3s
d) Select the file(s) you want to transfer
e) Click the OPEN button
f) When done, go back to File > Sync iPod
g) Enjoy!!

2) Adding album folder(s) of MP3s:
a) Open up iTunes 
  b) Click on File > Add Folder to Library
  c) Navigate to the desired folder 
  d) Select the folder you want to transfer 
  e) Click the OPEN button
  f) Rinse and repeat if you want to add another folder
  g) When done, go back to File > Sync iPod
  h) Enjoy some more!!

Can I burn CDs from the MP3s I buy from RockTunz?

Yes and yes. Using your favorite burning software you have on your computer, feel free to burn the tunz you purchased from RockTunz onto CD. The audio samples that get you hooked, I'm afraid, cannot be burned onto a CD.

ONE IMPORTANT REQUEST: Since these MP3s are DRM-free, we strongly urge that you keep these songs to yourself and not give them out to any friends. Most importantly, it's not fair to the Artists whose music you're enjoying. They need to pay their bills, too, ya know...and, have a little left over to make more great music. And, oh yes...it's stealing!!!

What is MyTunz?

This is the feature which allows our "Classic" and "Premier" Members to save an unlimited number of our audio samples to your own "playlist."

You can collect individual clips from any album, an entire album's worth (with one convenient click)...or any combination of the two. It's up to you. ..you're the boss.

MyTunz lets you access your playlist whenever and as often as you like. Use it for your listening pleasure (our extra long, 90-second samples will give you a "mini-streaming" experience) or, to bookmark tunz and albums for future purchase. No need to write anything down. Just click, save...and bask in the afterglow of planetary resource conservation!

Want to share and email your playlist with a friend or ten? Not only can you do that but...we're also working on a way in which your friends can actually LISTEN to your playlist...from the convenience of their own caves!

So, enjoy! And, if you have any suggestions as to how we can improve MyTunz, please send your idea(s) to: info@rocktunz.com



How do I submit a review?

After signing up for a free RockTunz account, click on the Review It Now! link below the album cover of your choosing.

These Artists bust their asses making music they love so...be kind or, at least...fair.

Remember what our mothers taught us: "If you don't have anything nice to say....blah, blah, blah." When we were listening, of course.

Thanx...we genuinely appreciate your input!!

Should 2 songs play over each other?

When you're listening to one track...and then click Play All...then yes, you'll hear both.

That shouldn't happen but, right now it does because the two audio players "speak" different languages.

So, until we find a fix (or get the players to learn each other's native tongues)...you'll need to pause the single track to prevent the audio conflict.

Please bear with us. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience!! Thank you!!!

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