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Soniq Circus - 3-Ring Prog


Preview WindowDuring the period between the release of their debut and Soniq Circus' second album, Reflections in the Hourglass, we have seen changes within the band's lineup. Former lead vocalist Calle Lennartsson decided to quit music and keyboardist Mathias Beckius was replaced by Marco Ledri.

The band's main composer, Marcus Enochsson took over the microphone full time (on the debut he sang one of the tunes). Calle was a fine vocalist but Marcus' own interpretations suit the songs better most of the time.

The composing and production techniques have also developed during these years and even though their first album (Soniq Circus) has its great moments, it seems like a well done demo when compared to "Reflections."

This time we get less Saga/City Boy references and instead we find a band who has found a sound and expression of their own. Distant echoes of bands such as Yes and King Crimson can be heard but mainly we have a modern, yet timeless progressive rock band presenting really good songs with plenty of energy and emotion.


Preview Window"Debut album from a new Swedish band which is clearly '70s orientated, focusing on the Pomp/Progressive Rock kind of side that shows influences from YES, KING CRIMSON, CITY BOY and SAGA and does remind therefore a lot of their fellow countrymen of A.C.T. and BLACK BONZO. Definitely a band to check out if you're interested in this kind of prog, which is very melodic and richly filled with melodic vocals, hooks, choruses and harmonies that even reveal STYX influences. A song like “Welcome” for example, is sounding like a true late '70s Pomprock sounding classic! 
SONIQ CIRCUS has a real late '70s American kinda sound that reminds one of bands like ALL SPORTS BAND, STYX, AVIARY, ROADMASTER, STINGRAY and such, with a slight updated approach a la ACT. On the other hand there are also clear Neo-Prog kinda tunes a la FOR ABSENT FRIENDS/SYLVAN, so something for everyone here. All together a must-have if you’re into both Pomp and Prog!" Rating: 8.5 out of 10 points - STRUTTER MAGAZINE

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