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RockTunz on RadioDimension Samplers

Whether it's the Pu Pu platter at your favorite Chinese or Hawaiian restaurant or a candy store's box of chocolates...samplers remain popular fare. And why not? People LOVE variety!
And it's no different in music. Labels put them out to promote a number of their artists and bands love to give their fans Best Ofs or Greatest Hits packages.
Well, since launching the RockTunz Show on RadioDimension, we've had tons of requests from listeners who wanted to hear the shows again as well as from those who missed the shows altogether. And...who are we to deny our fans??
So, here they are Chapter by Chapter...and commercial free!
As it is with all the other albums on RockTunz, you can listen to each of the 90-second clips separately or, hit the Play All and "stream" the entire album of samples. Likewise, you can buy any individual song or (better yet!), save a boatload of money and download the whole thing. We're big fans of freedom of choice so...'tis up to you!
Below are all the chapters that have aired thus far. (starting with the most recent)...with a listing of the bands, the featured songs and a brief explanation of the delights inside. You'll notice that a few of them have the same songs in common (those that were deemed the most popular by the listeners) but, any way you slice it...a host of delectable treats awaits! Just click on the album cover of the one you want to check out and you'll be taken right to it.
So, order in...relax and enjoy! You're sure to discover some new favorites!!
Preview WindowChapter #9 - ALL SWEDISH PROG! 

Sweden is the Land of the Midnight Sun, gorgeous women and some of the best progressive and symphonic rock on the planet! This collection is from our friends at Progress Records and the owner of the label, Hansi Cross (a great guitarist in his own rite!), has a knack for picking some of the best his country has to offer!

  1. Galleon -  The Price

  2. Spektrum - Chemical Release

  3. Chris  - Shades

  4. Gungfly - Bringing Down The Walls

  5. Grand Stand - Empty Barrels Rattle The Most

  6. Brighteye Brison - Pointless Living

  7. Introitus - Restless

Preview WindowChapter #8 - PROG METAL-PALOOZA! 

For those of you who like your tunz a little more balls to the wall, this compendium of kick-ass bands from our partner, Nightmare Records should do the trick. Owner Lance King is an incredible vocalist, too...and is featured on Shining Star!

  1. Andromeda -  Veil of Illumination

  2. Ascension Theory - Answers

  3. Clandestine - Phantom Pain

  4. Tetrafusion - Dark Matter

  5. Seven Thorns - Return to the Past

  6. Shining Star - Never Too Late

  7. Shadyon - New Dimension

  8. Cloudscape - Shadowland


Preview WindowChapter #7 - FAMILIARITY BREEDS CONTENT! 

The RadioDimension audience gets to vote on which songs they like the most and, these tunz were some of the most requested. This chapter is a great mix of prog rock and prog metal!

  1.  Magic Pie - A Life's Work - Pt. 4 The Suffering Joy

  2.  Introitus - Dreamscape

  3.  Darkwater - All Eyes on Me

  4.  Big Big Train - Victorian Brickwork

  5.  Clandestine - Silent Sin

  6.  Ascension Theory - Speaker


Preview WindowChapter #6 -  THE GREAT UNSIGNED MASSES!
This is one of our favorites because all the artists and bands are unsigned. Everything...the writing, recording, producing, marketing and, in most cases...the distribution...they do on their own! So, support these brilliant and courageous musicians. They are the lifeblood of today's music scene!! And...some pretty nice folks, to boot!

  1. Lisa LaRue 2KX - Mystery of the Rose

  2. Days Before Tomorrow - Wasted Years II (Sleepwalking)

  3. Carl Hupp Project - FiveG

  4. Advent - Ramblin' Sailor

  5. Lisa LaRue 2KX - Fast and Blue

  6. Tommy Zvoncheck - ZKG

  7. Kamelmat - Ronin

  8. Canvas - Catwalk

  9. ScienceNV - Devil in Witches Hands

10. Days Before Tomorrow - Wasted Years III (The Silence Is Deafening)


Preview WindowChapter #5
This one is a great collection of prog rock and prog metal...with a touch of fusion. Most have vocals...and a couple don't. So, step up to the buffet...there's something for every palette!

  1. Shining Star - Insomnia

  2. Lisa LaRue - Jem Jehan Nima

  3. Big Big Train - Victorian Brickwork

  4. ScienceNV - Morning Jump

  5. Magic Pie - Pointless Masquerade

  6. Lisa LaRue - Recurring Dream (featuring Saga's Michael Sadler)

  7. Introitus - Dreamscape


Preview WindowChapter #4 - SCREAMIN' SCANDINAVIANS!! 

OK. They don't really scream but, they are all from Scandinavia (Sweden and Norway) and, if we do say so ourselves, is a killer collection of prog rock and prog metal. The shortest song is 6 1/2 minutes going all the up to an epic 17:09 and the last track features our friend and partner, Hansi Cross. You're in for a fun ride with this one!

  1. Introitus - Dreamscape

  2. Grand Stand - Empty Barrels Rattle the Most

  3. Darkwater - All Eyes on Me

  4. Brother Ape - Who Will Be Next

  5. Magic Pie - A Life's Work - Pt. 4 The Suffering Joy

  6. Cross - A Universe Inside


Preview WindowChapter #3 - SPOTLIGHT ON THE LADIES! 

As far as we're concerned, there are just not enough women in prog so, it just made sense to air a show together featuring all female vocals and/or bandmates. To get a good sense of who they are, there's a double dose of all but one of the bands (hey...we only have one hour at a time!). We think you'll like the results, too!

  1. Introitus - Restless

  2. Clandestine - Comatose

  3. Spektrum - Chemical Release

  4. Illumion - Scarlet Sin

  5. Ascension Theory - Lovers

  6. Introitus - Dreamscape

  7. Clandestine - Phantom Pain

  8. Spektrum - The Quest

  9. Illumion - Infinity


Preview WindowChapter #2
This chapter songs are shorter...but there's more of them! A great variety of prog, rock, fusion and metal...this grouping features bands and artists from Brazil, Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Mexico, Sweden and the United States. Get your passport ready, you're going on one helluva trip...without any of those nasty security officers or body scanners.
  1. Shining Star - Insomnia

  2. Fifty One's - Get down

  3. Paris Keeling - I Learned From Inside

  4. Michael Sadler - Who's Sorry Now?

  5. ScienceNV - Morning Jump

  6. Ascension Theory - Speaker

  7. MindFlow - Break Me Out

  8. Galleon - The Assemblers

  9. High Wheel - Hate Hounds

10. Brighteye Brison - Pointless Living

11. Auttist - Union

12. Seven Thorns - Through the Mirror


Preview WindowChapter #1 

This is the one that started the ball rolling and features bands of all styles and from all across the globe! Our show's "theme" was taken from the beginning of the first track, too. A nice "little" combination of instrumentals and vocals...signed and unsigned...all proudly featured on RockTunz!!

  1. Tetrafusion - Gravity

  2. Halcyon Way - The Age of Betrayal

  3. Magic Pie - Freakshow

  4. Spektrum - Chemical Release

  5. Clandestine - Silent Sin

  6. Cross - Hope

  7. Big Big Train - High Tide Last Stand

  8. Kamelmat - Street Bob Modified

  9. Tommy Zvoncheck - Daddy, You're the Bomb

 10. Lisa LaRue - Fast and Blue

 11. Darkwater - In My Dreams

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