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Ascension Theory - Hummable Power Metal

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   Below from left to right: Chad Lenig, Tim Becker, Leon Ozug

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Ascension Theory was formed as a recording project in 2002 by Tim Becker and Leon Ozug. Tim and Leon both got their start in progessive metal genre in the band Aztec Jade.

Tim had been one of the founders and principal songwriters of Aztec Jade for eight years. Leon had been the front man and lead singer for nearly as long. Together they performed at many well known northeast USA venues such as Mama Kin's (Boston), CBGB's (New York), Powermad Festival (Baltimore), opened for national acts such as Skid Row and Zebra at Northern Lights (Clifton Park, NY) as well as numerous smaller venues in the upstate N.Y. area. Also with Aztec Jade, the two had completed three studio projects with producer Scott MacPherson, released two CDs on the independent Italian label Adrenaline, and contributed to two tribute albums released on the same label.



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The first album, Regeneration, was written and recorded by Tim in a spare bedroom in his apartment. Tim programmed the drum, bass and keyboard parts, while Leon played all the guitars and sang vocals. After completion, Tim promoted the new album to the underground prog-metal community and received lots of great reviews from sites like Progressiveworld.net, SeaOfTranquility.org and others.

Before mp3.com changed ownership, songs from the album reached as high as #2 on the progressive metal download charts. The album was then picked up by independent label, Nightmare Records.

Encouraged by the support of the underground prog-metal community, it was decided to try for a second release.

Preview WindowFor the next album, Answers, Tim and Leon brought aboard their friend Chad Lenig to handle the drum tracks as well as to engineer and help write and produce the new material.

Chad and Tim knew each other from high school where they had formed their first, short-lived rock band "Heaven's Thunder." Chad later met Leon and formed another short-lived band, "Black on Bone", that performed when Chad was on break from Fredonia College.

After Chad had received his master's degree in music technology from Saint Rose College, Chad opened a small project studio which served as a perfect setting to record the new album.

We were also fortunate to have guest musicians, Beverly Luse (lead vocals), Mike Miseno (additional vocals) and A.J. Simiele (narration & screams).

What's next for Ascension Theory? We don't really know! Everyone is open to the possibility of doing another album, but right now everyone is busy with other projects. So if circumstances are right someday, it will happen!

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