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RATING: 4.5/5 "The Eyes Of Power" is a one of a kind conceptual metal album. The whole concept revol  + 
- RockTunz, Jun 24, 2011

The Eyes of Power

Progressive Metal Progressive Metal, Power Metal Power Metal, Melodic Metal Melodic Metal

Signum Regis

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1 Renewal In The East 03:09 $0.99 Buy
2 Dura Europos 04:26 $0.99 Buy
3 Purpleborn 04:51 $0.99 Buy
4 Mystical Majesty 03:55 $0.99 Buy
5 One Fatal Enterprise 05:06 $0.99 Buy
6 The Underground Temples Of Mithras 05:16 $0.99 Buy
7 Oathbreaker 04:33 $0.99 Buy
8 Roma Aeterna 04:38 $0.99 Buy
9 Destroyers Of The World 05:59 $0.99 Buy

About Signum Regis

Signum Regis was founded by the bass player and songwriter, Ronnie König in 2007. They focus on melodic metal with neoclassical elements and shredding guitars.

For the recording, Ronnie invited guitaris ::

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