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RATING: 4.5/5 Fans of Magenta and Renaissance (in other words, female-lead progressive bands)...you  + 
- RockTunz, Mar 24, 2011


Progressive Rock Progressive Rock, Symphonic Rock Symphonic Rock


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1 The Hand That Feeds You 14:18 $2.48 Buy
2 Earth 01:22 $0.99 Buy
3 Like Always 08:22 $0.99 Buy
4 Wind 02:02 $0.99 Buy
5 Restless 08:14 $0.99 Buy
6 Fire 01:36 $0.99 Buy
7 Dreamscape 11:48 $1.98 Buy
8 Water 01:58 $0.99 Buy
9 Soulprint 17:02 $2.48 Buy

About Introitus

By Anna Bender (lead vocalist)

The history behind the music is long!

Mats Bender started making some of the songs on the CD as long as 30 years ago on one of his first synths. The tunes had been ::

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