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Listen to the full track from Soniq Circus' excellent new album!!

Lisa LaRue's 2KX and friends (including John Baker from Mars Hollow) put the BEAUTIFUL LIFE EP together to help out a dedicated prog fan whose wife is battling cancer...while facing foreclosure on their home. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN! THANK YOU!!

Are you a rageful and pissed off metalhead and into bands like Slayer? Then submit to the Death Metal of Necrodemon!!

Twin guitars and powerful vocals propel the melodic metal of Greece's InnerWish! Fans of Judas Priest will love 'em!

Solstice Coil's very funny lampooning of Dream Theater's search for a drummer after the departure of Mike Portnoy. And...their music is just as good as their humor!!

Germany's Sinbreed brand of power metal throws a few classical touches in your face...and ears!!

Canada's Conflicted delivers killer prog/power metal and Jason Orton's voice has to be heard to be believed!!

This will give you a good idea of what you have to look forward to on Lamentations! So, buy the CD+DVD and you'll get the best of both worlds!

Fans of Dream Theater, Symphony X and Riverside rejoice!! Sweden's Darkwater delivers melodic and powerful prog metal of the highest caliber!!

It's short but gives a great glimpse into the great prog metal Signum Regis has to offer!!

Michael Sadler offers a new...and VERY different take on a SAGA classic! Check out the others, too!!

ARZ is one of the best examples of how the musical total is much greater than the sum of its parts!! Do not pass GO! Go right to the albums after watching the video!

You need to watch and listen to Days Before Tomorrow like...yesterday...especially if you love Kansas, Styx and melodic prog!!

This live performance by New Jersey's Advent gives you a good taste of what awaits you. For fans of Gentle Giant and Gryphon, this is a must-have!!

Check out this powerful video from Sweden's Cloudscape...then see - and hear - what else they have to offer! Also if you are into science take a look at the review of flir i5.

Artist Click on a track below to listen to it!
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Introitus - Symphonic-NeoProg - Sep 27
First released in 2007, "Fantasy" is this Swedish band's outstanding debut album!
Don Schiff - Jazz-Rock Fusion - Sep 27
The outstanding NS Stick/bass player with Lisa LaRue's 2KX dips into his vault and gives us some wonderful "Timeless" music!
"Beautiful Life" is a project put together for a fan who needs our help! All profits go directly to the family. THANK YOU!!
ARZ - Prog Metal & Prog Rock - Sep 20
Looking for your new gods of guitar and drums? Well, look no further! 1 + 1 > 2!
Conflicted - Prog & Power Metal - Sep 18
Never heard a 4-octave voice? Then check these guys out!! Videos, too!!
Tetrafusion - Prog Metal Wunderkinds - Sep 8
Don't let their youthful looks fool you. These "kids" will kick your ass with their killer chops and mature songwriting.
Soniq Circus - 3-Ring Prog - Sep 1
Despite lineup changes, these Swedes deliver an impressive second album that will appeal to fans of King Crimson and Yes.
Ascension Theory - Hummable Power Metal - Aug 31
Sure, they've been out for awhile, but their brand of melodic power metal is worth revisiting! Specially priced, too!
Top 10 Soundbar Reviews - Aug 31
Check out this great article about soundbards. If you consider yourself an audiophile you absolutely need one of these.
Necrodemon - Death Metal - Aug 23
Prepare to be bludgeoned into submission by our first Death Metal band...NECRODEMON!!!
Sinbreed - Power Metal - Aug 13
Fans of Yngwie will LOVE guitarist Flo Laurin!! Power metal...with a classical touch!
Solstice Coil - Prog Rock - Aug 11
Our first Israeli prog band's excellent 2nd album shows deft King Crimson and Pink Floyd influences. Check out their parody video, too!
RockTunz on RadioDimension Samplers - Aug 5
By popular demand, our one hour shows are now available as samplers! All delicious...and commercial free!!
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